Moo Doo

What is a Moo Doo

Celebrate your little one’s birthday in a totally Mootastic Way!

We sing, we dance, we play games & we have lots of birthday fun.


Moo Doo’s are not just for children’s birthday parties; in fact, you can book a Moo Doo for any occasion where children need entertaining, - from, weddings, kindergarten events, or any other social gathering.

What is included in our packages:

  • The use of our Moo Music studio for 2 hours
  • Moo Doo Birthday Invitations
  • 45 minutes of children’s entertainment
  • A small birthday gift and card for the birthday child
  • Pass the parcel game
  • Light snacks

Option 1: Juice, ice-cream, popcorn & sweeties

Option 2: Milk, carrot & cucumber sticks, watermelon & apples, Raisins



280€ maximum 12 children

Optional extras:

  • Moo Doo party bags
  • Moo Music Merchandise, Cd’s, T-shirts, Moo Music cap, Maggie Moo soft toy, etc.…



If you wish to have a different themed party, then contact Suzanne Sistonen at.